digital rendering of All on 4 Dental ImplantsAdvances in dental implant technology have resulted in improved developments for tooth replacement. As an alternative to removable dentures, restorative options such as All on 4 dental implants provide solutions for tooth loss that restore your smile and ensure oral health.

Greenwood Dental Care provides All on 4 dental implants along with a number of restorative dentistry procedures so you can regain confidence in your smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

During a dental implant procedure, minor surgery is performed to install a titanium screw into your jaw. The screw sits in areas where teeth are missing and will support a false tooth. Over time, the titanium screw actually fuses to the bone, strengthening your mouth.

Next, your dentist creates and affixes a crown to your dental implant. The crown is designed and shaped to fit the natural contours of your mouth. This restores normal speaking, eating, and other functions. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants in Lake County, IL do not need to be removed and can be maintained with a normal oral care routine. Your dentist will recommend aftercare, which includes regular brushing, flossing, and the use of mouthwash.

What is All on 4?

All on 4 implants involve a total replacement of all of the upper or lower teeth. The full-arch fixed implants provide total restoration for seriously decayed or damaged teeth. Four or more implants in the upper or lower gums support a denture that is screwed into the implants to return the natural look of your smile. All on 4 offers an alternative to placing an implant under each missing tooth.

Additionally, All on 4 implants avoid bone-deficient areas of the jaw, avoiding the need for bone grafting. Your dentist angles the implants in the jaw to provide anatomical support primarily to the back of the jaw. The use of only four implants to support a denture set has emerged as the best and most workable option available today.

What is the Procedure?

This procedure is very straight-forward, meaning that it takes only one or two minor surgeries to complete the implementation of All on 4.

First, the patient is sedated while the dentist installs all four implants. Then, the dentist provides a set of temporary teeth for use while the titanium implants heal and start fusing with bone. Next, the temporary all on 4 denture is then replaced with a stronger more long term all on 4 denture, which leaves a patient with a customized smile.

Here are a few perks of utilizing this practice:

  • Total replacement of decayed or damaged upper or lower teeth
  • Support for an all on 4 denture
  • Restoration of the use of the teeth for eating, speaking, and other functions

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In short, the All on 4 implant technique and general dental technology in Lake County have come a long way and has taken dental practices to a new level of satisfaction for their patients. At Greenwood Dental Care, our trained staff is able to provide you with a customized and restored smile.

Additional procedures that we offer include:

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