a person gets their teeth cleaned after learning the differences between Dental deep cleaning vs regular cleaning

The Differences Between a Dental Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

Most who have been to a dentist in their adult lives have received reminders for the suggested twice-yearly regular dental cleanings by a dentist. Some might not know the difference between a dental deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning. It primarily boils down to the extent of the build-up of plaque, tartar, and decay that’s present.…

a person holds up a night guard is a Night guard shifting teeth

Can a Night Guard Cause Shifting Teeth?

The number of reasons that people wear night guards isn’t just a one-size-fits-all. There are different types for different needs, but almost all are for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. When questioning whether a night guard can shift teeth and if it’s happening, consider the type of night guard in question, the level of quality…

a person gets ready for bead with their night guard wondering how to prevent Mouth sores from night guard

How to Prevent Mouth Sores from Night Guards

Many people across the world use night guards while they’re sleeping for many different reasons. As with most long-term dental appliances, there are pros and cons to wearing a dental night guard. Some symptoms can be generally avoided with precautions at the beginning of the process, even as early as making the night guard itself.…